About Us

Welcome To B-One Pharm

Expert in Pharmaceutical industry: Deep experience in regulatory affairs and in/out-licensing.

Our Mission

Pursuing patient’s health and wellness over the world, providing a Right Drug to a Right Patient in a Right time  (Three Rs).

Who We Are

Expertise in Pharmaceutical industry. Good skill in importing and exporting products and having good network with hospitals as well as health authority.

What We Do

Working as a agent for in-licensing NCEs, value-added products such as 505(b)(2) and paragraph 4 drugs against original’s

Our Three Rs Mission

Our Mission is to provide a Right drug to a Right Patients  in a Right time. In order to achieve our 3R mission, we put much effort in finding suitable drugs for a certain patients and keep monitoring its inventories for preventing from shortage under any circumstance and build special logistics to deliver it to hospital or pharmacy in timely manner.

Executive Officers

SeungJun Jung

General Manager

Ryan Jung



Deputy G.Manager

Why Choose Us?

Customized service for our variety of customers from outsourcing to distributing pharmaceutical products

Providing service in 24 x 7

Conduct feasibility test in every aspect to lead the best result 

Do our business with “customers comes first”

Highly skilled personnel in pharmaceutical field: Regulatory Affairs, Business Development and QC test.